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Dental Implant

Why Dental Implants

  • Natural – They look and feel like your natural teeth whilst giving you your bite back.
  • Preserve – Healthy teeth do not need to be ground down to support the dental implants.
  • Stimulate – Anchoring dental implants in the jawbone stimulates bone tissue maintaining facial structure.
  • Fixed – Dental implants do not require any adhesives to hold the new tooth in place.
  • Confidence – They eliminate the discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill – fitting dentures.
  • Secure – You have a secure permanent tooth replacement.

Bridges vs. Implants

For many patients in our New York City offices, dental implants offer clear advantages over traditional bridgework or dentures. Before dental implants were perfected, in order to replace missing teeth we had to fashion tooth-supported bridges or removable dentures.

With bridges, healthy tooth structure had to be ground away by reshaping neighboring teeth, which allowed us to use them as supports for anchoring the new bridge. Unfortunately, these support teeth would be subjected to forces beyond their threshold, so the bone surrounding these teeth would begin to melt away and resorb, thus weakening their natural support system.

Esthetically, dark shadows would appear around the bridge as the bone and gum began to pull away from the support teeth. There was also an additional risk that the pressure on the bridge could open up a gap between the tooth and the bridge, forcing bacteria leakage and decay and leading to the possibility of root canals. What’s more, bridges connecting three or more teeth together made flossing difficult or impossible for patients.

The psychological effects of tooth loss are complex and are different for everyone. A person’s social life may be severely affected to the point that they will avoid romantic situations for fear their partner will discover the tooth loss. If there is severe bone loss after multiple teeth have been missing for years, facial disfigurement will occur, often accompanied by the appearance of premature aging.

While dentures can give a sense of esthetic security, they can also cause damage by placing excessive forces on the underlying bone structure, leading to bone loss. Eventually, the dentures will need relining or complete replacement. All of these problems can be prevented with dental implants.

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